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The number of people on Planet Earth is now

Since you are on this page the human population on Earth has grown with
There exists an immediate necessity for which the world human community must provide: not only to defend the natural environment and to preserve its resources, but also to stifle the centers of violence already existing and to avoid other wars, and to preserve the psychophysical well-being of mankind and to arrange for every human being on the Earth to have the necessities of life, growth, and joy, an indispensable part of which is to stop the population growth.
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_An auspicious message_
_by the futurist Robert Theobald_
_Resolution of Concern_
_on the World Demographic Issue_
_For the determination_
_of an optimal demographic density_

_on demography_
_How to win_
_the race for the development_

_Declaration of risen awareness_
_for Government Authorities_


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Letter to the Leaders of the culture
and to the members of the Parliament
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_Letter to the European Mayors_

_Initiative taken_
_by Aspen and Pitkin Municipalities, in the USA,_
_in order to stabilize population_

A whole vision:
_Which development, today?_
_After the development, the maturity_

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