Home Page The varied activities of the Eudaemony Laboratory range from those promoting personal growth, the development of the individual personality, to those which address the research and development of new social solutions and opportunities.

These activities enter the most disparate areas of human life and of reality. They begin with the ethical, moral sphere and extend to the environmental, economic and political spheres, involving religious, cosmoligical and ontological themes. The Laboratory group courageously researches, even by its few means, solutions to problems even on a global level and of epocal character.

In effect, the method we use can be defined global, holistic. This method presupposes the necessity of acquiring a vision as broad as possible, in space and time, of the situation under examination, recognizing even the smallest interaction with other phenomena. Subsequently we work to apply knowledge and resources of every kind and science to finding the solution to that specific problem, or to investing into that particular opportunity. The ultimate aim is to improve, for what is in our power and in our sphere of influence, the quality of life, both for the individual and for society as a whole.
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