(as known and interpreted by the Laboratorio Eudemonia)

The dictionary defines eudaemony as "happiness," but not like something fleeting and short-lived, rather like a dimension in which a human being can move constantly all through the course of her/his life.

Eudaemonology is the science that studies nature's laws so that human beings can live in concert with them, and can remain in this positive dimension.

The word's etymology from the Greek eudaimon is a combination of eu (good) and daimon (genius). It means then propitious or lucky genius, succeeding in everything so as to prosper happily.

In an ancient symbology the square contained in a circle is the human being imprisoned in the world. But human beings have a great potential to surmount their narrow restricted mindset and to cultivate the expansion of their own conscience, bringing it to a higher level that comprehends and contains in itself the whole Universe.
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