Home Page The activities of the Eudaemony Laboratory include the following Departments:

The Department for the Awareness Development. We offer techniques, tools and services to achieve this aim.

In this same Department we address the concerns of a Progressive Journalism, and provide specific tools.

The Department for the Right Change, in order to discover the necessary transformations that our society needs.

The Department for Planet Earth, with two innovative offerings: The Earth Calendar and The Celebration of our Land.

The Department for the Demographic Issue, with a social sensitization campaign and global researches on this as serious as neglected problem.

The Department for an Harmonic Social Rotation offers a concrete proposal (that many feel is irrefutable) for the creation of new concepts in Public Service and Employment.

Department for the Conflicts Solution and the Mediation in general:

The Wholeness Center where we meet to work together for the evolution of mankind.

Department Love for Justice, with researches in the ambit of the legal profession and on the future of Law in general.

The Abruzzo Department, with communication services and research in our local area.
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