The world survives thanks to many recognized as good people but advances thanks to few people who take the trouble to search for the right and true, wherever they are hidden, and to this effect they are able to set aside the lust for money, sympathy and success that is in each of us.

The work performed by Danilo D'Antonio inside his Eudaemony Laboratory is worthy of a research pool among universities and his vision is vanguard in the world. Freely and ignored, the Laboratory makes for two decades the work that academics and scientists, paid and revered, did not to not lose sympathies and give up to privileges.

Trouble is that also we vanguards have limits and, without never receiving anything, anything we can make real and finally we all lose.

Who would understand it, and maybe wanted a little equalize a luck he had had, he has only to give to the undersigned what he wish. You bet it that will not be money given away for nothing.

But be aware that this will not grant you any tax relief because you will be giving to the simple natural person of Danilo D'Antonio. You will give without any other immediate effect but to express me gratitude and sympathy and infuse me strength and courage.

And it may happen that in the end, also thanks to you, I will can tick a result that can make the world, not simply better like are use to say those who do not want change it, but exactly like it should be.

If do you want, then, contact me.

On my part I thank you very much as of now.