An unhabitated Planet
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Turning on the TV just for a few minutes a day, we can realize how important it would have been in the past decades to steer the prow of the collective knowledge towards the fact that democracy still stands on the temporary mandate imposed only to whom ascend to the Legislative Power. In a single news broadcast there is more than a tragic confirmation of how delicate and limited be the democratic space built on the sole and narrow legislative power, which does not rest on the many other, extensive and fundamental, often omnipotent, State powers. And as a consequence of how important is to extend the democratic temporality of a job to the entire apparatus of public powers, introducing a pondered, socially understood and agreed, constitutional temporality in all the system of Public Employment.

Scientists say, counting us, that we have become more than seven and a half billion. Yet, seeing how, even from a probabilistic point of view, that one that should have been a matter of primary concern and deep debate, until its projectual exhaustion, it does not appear on any newspaper, book, essay, article, conference and research and even in any film, novel, song and poetry, to note this absolute void of intellect is to be believed to be on a unhabited, not overpopulated, planet. And it is precisely this the tragic effect of a culture prisoner of a caste of people hired for life: right there, where it would be fairer a crowd of minds who would think about how to progress, an outrageous impediment leaves no room except for the despair given by the exclusion and impotence.

It's typical, historical, recurring: when we can not go forward we are rejected backwards. Humanity has faced an insurmountable wall of inculturation extended to the entire globe. Confused and misguided by professors, researchers and scientists, humanity has not pushed off the dogma of the fixed place in the powers of the State, leaving this with a nasty drawing of hoarding and iniquitous lines. Believing that beyond can not be obtained from man and life, humanity, continually driven back by professors, researchers and scientists who in all ways have convinced us that democracy has great limits, has not continued its evolution and is even regressed. His intuitions were regularly silenced by the erudite knowledge of who used it exclusively for his own ends.

But life has no limits and, just when the extreme complications of the learned men have covered with an impassable mush the whole collective mind, the simplicity of things brings clarity to the world. A State is really democratic only if all its powers (hence jobs), from the lowest to the highest, are regularly returned to the authority of the people. And a State must be democratic: not to satisfy individual ideals of freedom or pleasure, but also and above all because it is a mechanism that works at perfection, which hides nothing and to nothing is unprepared. Democracy is not a mere political fact, which can be traced back to the sole will of the peoples. It is instead a technical feature that science, if this had not been hostage of bad people, would have already been widely defined.

Let us therefore remedy a cultural, philosophical, political, historical stalemate for seventy years. We will get such and many positive results to have the impression, in the short term of a reformation of the Public Employment, namely the State, of being landed on a planet other than the Earth. And in fact, seven billion and a half that we are, tied everywhere from a well-written and therefore respectable social pact, we can finally express everyone for the best. Revised the genetic code of the State, of all the States of the Earth, humanity can be transformed from that selfish and immature, destructive and suicidal rabble that has ended up to be by following the official inculturation, in an organism capable to make flourish in beauty and goodness every reality that will live and approach.

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