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Every day things happen that lead people before the law and are not rare situations of great injustice in which many are caught and by which, to tell the truth, all we can be overwhelmed at any moment. While the goal of the "best" politicians is nothing more than legality, well other thing is the commitment to which we, as human beings, must dedicate ourselves. Precisely we have to call into question our whole juridical system, starting from the fact that it has a set of laws made by governments not illuminated by the natural sense of justice which every living being has but commissioned by elites, lobbies, mafias and potentates of all kinds. To free ourselves from this shameful situation is possible and right. It is a great help to know that there are essentially TWO TYPES of LAW ENFORCEMENTS.

Those who impose an undemocratic order.
Those representatives of a democratic order.

The undemocratic law enforcements are always composed with the same individuals. These are fidelized (with the grant or promise of a fake-public life-long employment) by governments that in this way can make undisturbed the worst they want. These forces (of an order imposed by the elites) when in their opinion an irregularity occurs, of any kind and at any level, limit themselves to capture the perpetrators and lead them in front of others life-long careerists of the fake-public sector (also them thus fidelized till the eternity to the dominant system). These people will judge the indicted ones and, if they deem (in their view) appropriate, will condemn them. These law enforcements are those that we currently have and from which we still can not get rid of.

This failed LIBERATION subsists mainly owing to the academics: public careerists they too. To preserve "their" life-long fake-public jobs, they prefer much more to deal even with things like the environment (that collect great popular support) rather than make the system evolve. Even if just this archaic system destroyed the environment and practically everything else, from culture to economics, from finance to social union.

It is important to note that the undemocratic law enforcements can be (and probably will be soon) composed also and mainly by private operators, by mercenaries fidelized with money to governments with despotic intentions. Life-long state-men and private operators in the public sector are equal: they both impede the democracy.

The democratic law enforcements are on the contrary composed by citizens, by ordinary people (more than prepared for the needs) with temporary mandates established by a social pact. They are persons who always keep (even during their public role) the belonging to the people. While the undemocratic law enforcements are abstracted, disjoined, totally alienated from the people, the forces of democracy (even invested of a public assignment and power) retain centered their figure, their identity, their psyche, in a critical and positive civic role.

In front of an infringement, a not allowed parking, a theft, a rebellion, the undemocratic law enforcements chase, grab the "culprit" and lead him in front of their colleagues monopolizers of the "justice". These people will examine his case and will condemn him according to laws we well know because imposed to us from an eternity.

The democratic law enforcements, on the contrary, are evolved people, well aware that ninety times out of a hundred is not the person to be guilty but the society itself in its whole. The society first produces an abnormal situation, a confusion, many irregularities, in a way that people, almost not having choice, are, for example, forced to park where is prohibited, to steal, to rebel. As a result, also intervening to stop the misbehavior and prevent further problems, the democratic law enforcements are not focused on the final culprits. They go in front of the governments to present the underlying problem (bad urbanization, lack of public transport and car parks, or impossibility to enter the world of work, social exclusion, or deafness of the government in front of the reasons of the rebellion) forcing them, the rulers, to address the problem and to solve it in the most suitable and quick way.

Undemocratic law enforcements
pick on with the individuals,
with ordinary people, with the citizens.

Democratic law enforcements
do not let up a moment the rulers
as long as they do not do what they should.

Undemocratic law enforcements
have no other ability and intent
that capture and punish.

Democratic law enforcements
leave this primitive state and use
every opportunity to improve the system.

Now, in order to move us from the present situation (which is nothing but a terrifying legacy of our feudal/imperial/monarchic past) we must be aware that no help can come from academics, teachers and other state-men and public workers in general. They are too compromised, too caught up in a CONFLICT of INTEREST as to make seem those involving our politicians an urchin nothing.

We have to become aware that the differentiation between political left and right counts for nothing. The state-men, the hoarders of that basic common good of the public jobs, are ALWAYS reactionary people of the right. They have roles and pursue aims that have been designed in the pre-democratic era. The worst people are indeed the ones who say to be on the left, even anti-fascists. But there is no doubt: they are all of the right. Who life-long appropriates of the common good, who transforms it in his private property, can not be but of the right.

Because the common good must be shared.
This (what else?) is the principle of the common.

A rapid awareness develop then by attending (for duty towards our same interest) the many forums and mailing lists in favor of "public" schools and water managing or finalized to protect the environment, territory and landscape. Do that. You will find that the former groups are heavily frequented by state-men/public-workers or their trade union representatives who trigger initiatives aimed to the keeping of "their" fake-public fiefdom. The latter are specifically full of barons and baronesses who have found perfect refuge in the environment's defense: they may refrain from doing what they should, even giving exhibition to be revolutionists.

-- Epilogue --

Sooner or later there will be yet another World Social Forum. Once again in hundred thousand will take the plane and go (this time who knows where) to make POLITICAL TOURISM. Yes, because there is no other definition for those who deceive the Earth that "another world is possible" but never decide (diverted by fake-revolutionary true-reactionary state-men) to do what they must: inform every human that democracy is still almost all to be built, that just schools and universities are at the root of the despotic imperialist and neo-liberal system, because they maintain a culture that excludes citizens from participating the roles of their own Res Publica. By remaining the archaic, despotic life-long public workers, a great number of people ends to decide to shift the public activities in the hands of private operators.

Really, just by sharing the common good starting from the most important: the Public Employment, we can achieve that FAIR WORK SYSTEM able to distribute jobs and incomes, to empower the citizens and to bring together people that today are divided into castes and social levels. For this reason I invite the genuine ones:


Without leaving our desks, without moving a single pound of our flab, let us help the Global Movement to become aware that it is everywhere held hostage by intellectuals who make gravitate the entire Universe around "their" fake-public life-long job. It's not by wasting our time in Davos or Wall Street that we will get a step ahead. What can we expect from those people? Nothing. By those who yearn the BIG CHANGE we can instead expect the best: they only need to become aware of the above and of all that there is happily connected and derives from it.


Then let us search for genuines on every forum, mailig lists and social networks and say to all: EUREKA! We figured out where the problem was hiding. Now we know what to do. Peacefully, legally, civilly, let us liberate our States from the life-long state-men and private operators and open it to prepared citizens eager to serve and to come back to be common people once completed their mandate.

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