Letter of information on the public deception
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Dear Madam/Sir,

having regard for the tragic situation of our Countries and global, as an ordinary citizen I am here to inform of thing that, even if pregnant and urgent, today hardly can reach you in any other way. Please, concede me two minutes.

In the common interest, let me report that the democratization process, begun long time ago with the introduction of the elections, with the advent of our Republics should had be extended also to the Public Employment. The public roles are not just jobs but always hold a certain amount of public power. They are part of the Res Publica conquered by the people become sovereign. Therefore, like the roles of government, they too should be periodically returned to the people to be reassigned to other citizens having the necessary requirements.

But a politics born rotten has made that the public employment continued to be assigned for life. And here is the real problem of our societies, which declare themselves democratic but they are so still only in a small part. Not only politicians but also the public servants must return to their homes to allow a general participation and renewal. The lights of media illuminate the politicians and we focus on them. But it is in the darkness that the real problem, not only of our Countries but of the whole world, hides: a sea of immovable State men, 3.2 million only in Italy, who in fact have more power than the leaders themselves.

Governments must always deal with them, with the public servants.
Governments change, the State men remain, as true tyrants such as they are.

Are the State servants, by following the old political design of the king and tyrant, to prevent citizens from access to their own Res Publica, to keep separate the people from their own power, to imprison the culture and every other important aspect of the life. Are the State servants to make us believe that democracy is a fact inherent only the limited PUBLIC DECISIONS and not primarily the ubiquitous PUBLIC FUNCTIONS. Are the State servants to erect a black wall around the governments, so the politicians, easily corrupted by elites, lobbies, mafias and potentates, can make the worst they want. Are the State servants that prevent the awareness that the type of public function strongly influences the actions of governments.


- surrounded by public employees for life or by private operators,
governments tend to become AUTHORITARIAN.

- by having around involved citizens who alternate themselves,
governments tend to become AUTHORITATIVE.

Sir, today we claim to change our societies by focusing ourselves on the politicians. But it is irrational to believe that politics can change till remain surrounded by a Public Function in the hands of a CASTA of authoritarian, arrogant and overbearing State men. Even when the best progressive ideals were taken into account, the politicians would use them for the ever-same purposes of protection of the Elites at the expense of the population. Only by changing the type of Public Employment, politics will really change. Because the first gives to the second a fundamental IMPRINTING. Only by democratizing the Public Employment, our Countries and the whole world will evolve and get out of these swamps.

I hope this may find you interested, that this may sensitize and involve your art.
I thank for your attention and wish you every good thing.

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