Let us democratize the public apparatus of the European Union!
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We all certainly know the meaning and sense of the two words: Res Publica. Well, the public employments inside the organization itself of the European Union are fundamental part of an EUROPEAN RES PUBLICA: they are a common property, a co-ownership of every European citizen. As a consequence, these employments/powers/roles/revenues can be given only temporaneously, like the same definition of "public" requires. Let me rephrase it: the jobs of the public apparatus of the European Union cannot be given to some individuals for their whole working life. Let us think of those who, in a Parliament, tried to stay more than they should: how did they end up?

We cannot accept that a prime minister or a head of state or a deputy be appointed for life. So why we should accept that some hold as their personal, private property, jobs, powers and incomes that are equally PUBLIC therefore a COMMON PROPERTY to be enjoyed together?

The European Union cannot be a property owned by public careerists, by bureaucrats, by eurocrats, by hired for life in public jobs. The EU belongs to all the European Citizens and all we must have the possibility to participate (in an ordered way, for a fixed period, according to personal competencies, experiences and desires) to the jobs of the public apparatus of the European Union.

Peoples of the single Countries inside the EU for decades have been shamefully deceived by the public careerists, who have compelled them in a very small democracy (restricted to the legislative apex) that has kept all the public apparatuses exactly as they were under tyrannies: in the eternal hands of the burocrats, of the public careerists, of the hired for life in the Public Employment. The single Countries of the European Union will think independently what to do about this. But EU is today our new great Country.

Every European Citizen must have the possibility to sign up and book to a nascent European Bank of the Public Employment: granted exclusively with temporary mandate to allow participation. The periodic dismissal, the removal after a certain time from a public job or charge, is the base of a real Democracy and great act of civility. Because it avoids bloody revolutions to oust the tyrants.

Dismissal, removal are not bad words. They talk about a beneficial act.
It is not the vote the basis of democracy, but the temporary mandate!
The vote follows the renewer temporary mandate. Does not precede it.

That said, let us invite the European Parliament to re-organize (not in the next century but today, because all Deputies are late for decades) the employment system of the public apparatus of the EU, in order to democratize all its public powers through a periodic dismissal and renewal of all the employees. Be Europe like as always it should have been and a bright example for its single States.

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