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When the whole yearning of the Peoples for democracy is conveyed only in the Legislative Power, only in the parliament, only in the election moment, only in the high and narrow ambit of the public decisions, it is inevitable that the crowds remain divided into concrete factions. Not having other levels to confront among themselves, they end up to brawl.

Sometimes till to produce tragic civil wars.

The arrogant and underhanded domestication to a democracy reduced to a fraction thereof, perpetrated for decades by the barons of the universities all around the globe (following the example provided first by the european, the old world, professors, bosses of culture in our Countries and reference for those far) continues to provide bloody effects worldwide.

Even having the whole pie forming the RES PUBLICA, even the State having numerous and various public powers, peoples watch and point only at the Legislative Power, at the icing of Parliament, ignoring the succulent pie of the public activities, institutions, offices, jobs and roles that the public careerists, the known bureaucrats (popularizers of the old tyrannical inculturation and often more powerful than the governments themselves) have carefully maintained extraneous to the democratic participation because excluded from the democratic periodical renewal of the personnel.

Let's get rid for a moment, at least ideally, of the nefarious presence of the barons of the universities. Now imagine the Democracy as it could and should be realized (in Europe and elsewhere) from the first breath of our Republics: in the PERIODIC RESTITUTION to people of every PUBLIC JOB, be it functional or governmental. Peoples, we citizens would have a huge PUBLIC SPACE to express and compare ourselves, our desires, our fears. The same time granted to the practice of Democracy would been extended to every day, to the whole year. The public careerists have instead imprisoned the Democracy in Parliament (estranging the many places of the Public Employment) and in the narrow moment of the vote.

It is really difficult imagine a more abject work, so far-reaching, made by so many for so long time, of that accomplished by the entire university's barony, which only aim has been to hide the ESSENCE of DEMOCRACY (the pro tempore job/charge) for the sole purpose of preserving their permanent positions inherited from the previous tyrannies. If today prisons would open and all detainees, even the worst criminals, would come out, they could not do to our societies (never they would be able!) the evil procured by dudes self-and-super-titled undisputed bosses of culture.

But now let's move on and progress by ourselves, not inculcated free thinkers, without the misleading "help" of others.

To make advance our world, to abandon the trenches, to bring people together, it is necessary everywhere a precise step: the DEMOCRATISATION of the WHOLE RES PUBLICA. Let us note that the PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT has a civic and religious component (of course in the literal sense of the latin term "religare": keeping together) of paramount importance. It is something that unites us in depth, which contains the very meaning of being a society. Let's rewrite our SOCIAL PACT by establishing that any person, eager to serve and prepared for the role, can access at fixed time (to not transform into a tyrant) the jobs of the Public Employment. We will have such a COMMON AGORAS, of such beauty and grandeur, of such wealth, knowledge and power, to imprint our DNA with the desire to preserve at every cost the good fortune of having won a similar, yet unlived, condition.

But attention.

This evolution it is difficult could happen now in those Countries, in those social organisms, in a process of acute inflammation, before they calm down. It competes to all the peoples yet sufficiently in peace, who already much time ago had the great fortune to make this great step forward, comply with what is written in their Constitutions and at last transform in democratic their respective RES PUBLICAs: by introducing the TEMPORARY assignment in the PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT. Offering so a bright example to follow to the rest of the world.

Because in Democracy everything public must be shared.
Both in the field of DECISIONS and of JOBS.

DEMOCRACY, indeed, is the same sharing of RES PUBLICA.

Let us thank the GOOD FORTUNE for this intuition and to be still in time to apply it!

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